In 1988 the first Akita came to us, it was the english import Wolfen Bucks Fizz, Geisha.
She together with another english import Challenge of Helstrum, Luke, are still with us through dogs we breed today.

Because of the new standard ( only allowing japanese type) we didn´t breed any akitas between 1994 and 2001.
But, then the split came and "our" Akita became a breed of it´s own. And we, we knew that we wanted to continue.

It was almost like a new beginning.
New imports came to us from Overhill kennels and Anshee Akitas in England. These dogs also gave us some very important American bloodlines, like the Regalia.

Our most important GOAL is to breed dogs with the best of temperament in a sound and healthy body.
And, always with the breed standard before our eyes.

Through the years we have bread show champions and dogs certified for the military service as well as approved gametracking dogs.

We have had three dogs qualified for the Champion of Champion show, Luke, Geisha and their son Mac Conrad´s Awake on the wild side also called Kevin.
But, long before that Kerstin Nordahl was very successful with her breeding of Giant Schnauzer.

Kerstin Nordahl/ Lena Engström